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Keeping a cloud server secure: Rackspace

9 January 2012

If you are serious about running a server in the cloud then you need to be serious about security. This is just the same as for any server, of course; but cloud servers typically come in a ‘bare bones’ configuration in which everything, including security, is your own responsibility.


Keeping a cloud server synchronized: Rackspace

6 January 2012

For various purposes (such as the accurate labelling of backup files) it is a good idea if the time on the server is correct. Here is how to set up a server so that it keeps track of the time from an authoritative source on the Internet.


Setting up a Cardbox Server in the cloud: Rackspace

6 January 2012

Rackspace offers Cloud Servers, which are virtual servers of various sizes. The smallest server of all costs 1p an hour, which is less than £7.50 per month.

As an experiment, we took an existing Linux-based Cardbox Server and tried moving it onto a Rackspace Cloud Server.



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